The WHY of CoTown

CoTown believes in the power of local inclusive cooperation and the added value of innovation for people.
CoTown is an innovative start-up. CoTown provides services and solutions for cities that want to become more sustainable and social. We are focused on innovation in urban and corporate environments. Our goal is to help cities boost civic engagement and local economies through the latest technologies that we make available to everyone. We help companies to achieve their social goals.

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CoTown's missions


CoTown stands for more citizen participation in their own living and working environment. We use innovative techniques to promote this. Our technical solution for local governments and businesses uses blockchain technology to create a new platform that stimulates social engagement and local economy at the same time.

The CoTown city platform is intended for local authorities and residents. Residents feel involved and can volunteer for small jobs and social initiatives in the city. For exemple they can help maintain their public space and be rewarded for their help with a local digital currency that can be spent in a network of local stores and partners. Our mission is to connect all stakeholders in the city and offer them the opportunity to work together towards a sustainable, friendly and better living environment.

CoTown's solution for businesses provides a platform for employee and stakeholder engagement in achieving shared goals through task performance and reward. The result of deploying our solution for companies is the contribution of their sustainable corporate culture and the contribution to their social goals.

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Gregoire Piette

Founder CoTown

Yulia Pankratova

Junior Full Stack Developer 

Khalil Salaymah

Junior Full Stack Developer

Arnaud Mathias