Our vision: inclusive and sustainable communities

CoTown harnesses the power of technology to ensure everyone can actively contribute to their community. We aim to drive meaningful change, creating environments where every positive action makes a difference. Join us in building a society where inclusivity and sustainability thrive.


Discover our solutions for promoting participation: 
CoTown and your Neighborhood

  User friendly
Designed for simplicity, our user-friendly interface provides a seamless user experience.

Tailored for straightforward functionality, our intuitive design guarantees a simple and efficient experience.


  Easy integration 

Built for easy integration our platform ensures smooth incorporation into existing systems.

Engineered for simplicity, our solutions ensures clarity and ease of use. Effortlessly navigate for a streamlined interaction.

Our main features

   Increasing the positive social impact 

   Promoting sustainable partnerships

   Improving the urban environment

    Involving citizens in their environment trough the new technology​

Our vision behind CoTown

Gregoire Piette, one of the founders of CoTown, has always been passionate about how new technology can inspire citizens to actively contribute to their communities. Since his student days, Gregoire has been dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance community participation and engagement. He is the driving force behind the innovative solutions developed by the CoTown team, aiming to create inclusive and sustainable communities. 

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Arnaud Mathias
Gregoire Piette
Founder CoTown
Khalil Salaymah
Full Stack Developer